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2 december 2011

The moment of truth is approaching for the euro area

The darkness is spreading across Europe and the moment of truth is approaching. The development has gone so far that, at the time of writing (December 1), it has become increasingly clear that unless the European leaders come up with a reasonable...

9 december 2011

Liquidity in the Baltics: Broader Regional Integration Necessary

Roughly 6.7 million people live in the three Baltic states, with over 175, 000 square kilometers of territory. In terms of size the region is comparable to Denmark, Finland, Slovakia or Switzerland. Interestingly enough, the Baltics historically...

21 december 2011

The Nordic economies – local growth and global interest rates

Previous years’ economic recovery was in many ways an illusion and the world economy stands before an extended period of slow growth as businesses, households and governments consolidate their balance sheets. Politicians on both sides of the...