Företagsgatan 44, Viared, Borås

Typ av lokal Lager, Industri, Kontor
Yta 23759 Kvm
Adress Företagsgatan 44, 50464 Viared, Borås
Tillträde Enligt överenskommelse

Om lokalen


The property includes a modern distribution center built in 2012. The building has high technical specifications and an efficient generic design, optimal for modern logistics operations.The building has free clearance of 10,5 meters, 22 loading docks and load bearing of 5000 kg/sqm.

Viared is located only 60 kilometers from Gothenburg, ranked as the number one logistics region in Sweden. The location along main road 40 between Gothenburg and Jönköping makes the area an important logistic hub, optimal for logistics operations. The area is located close to Landvetter airport. The municipality of Borås has for a long time been committed to promoting the growth in the logistics sector. This in order to secure a continued good growth and secures jobs and investments in the region.

The building is very well located within the area, near the western motorway exit.

The property will be vacant by Q3 2020.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information!

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