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Carolina, Head of Offering Development & Digitalisation

What do you do at Newsec?
I work with Offering/service development and Digitalisation in the business area Property Asset Management across all of our markets, with a particular focus on Sweden. My primary focus revolves around exploring new opportunities, developing strategies, business plans and implementing digital solutions to enhance our services and improve our operations. I work with different teams to set the strategic direction and plans for executing our strategy. I also have a fantastic team of business developers and solution managers/specialists who are heavily involved in our development journey. That said, working at Newsec means that you will be engaged across several areas and support in prioritised areas, whichever those are.

What do you like the best about working at Newsec?
Newsec is a company with endless opportunities and much potential. This is built upon a very encouraging and collaborative attitude with a lot of trust in each and every one of our employees. It is also very motivating to work in an industry that can make a significant impact on our environmental footprint.

What attracted you to Newsec?
Prior to Newsec I worked at Stronghold Invest as a business developer on similar topics to those of my current role. When there was an opening to start working at Newsec, I was very excited to join and be even closer to the business.

Have you had other roles at Newsec?
I started out at Stronghold, as a business developer, working with all of Stronghold’s subsidiaries and development projects. Amongst other things, I have worked with Newsec Executive Search as well as interim CFO in Newsec Technical Services.