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Newsec Online

Login to Newsec Online.

What is Newsec Online?

Newsec Online is a group-wide platform that provides access to different data, documentation, reports and financial services.

We want to offer our users the ability:

  • to stay on top and dig deep;
  • to be more efficient at work;
  • to gain new and unexpected insights.

The idea is to simplify access and be value-creating for our clients. Newsec Online can be used with a single sign-in, whenever needed.

Who is Newsec Online for?

  • Newsec Online is aimed at Investor Clients of Newsec Property Asset Management (property owners);
  • Newsec Online serves client companies, and especially the individuals who work in different roles in co-operation with Newsec.

Base offering

Newsec Online offering with its services and functionalities will be continuously developed in collaboration with our clients.

The current content of Newsec Online includes a base offering that gives our clients access to a number of dynamic standard financial and lease reports, a shared document area, Newsec’s Market Reports, and viewing rights to our property onboarding process, and links to relevant local systems.

If you want to know more about Newsec Online and how the platform can create value for you as a property owner, please send an email to info@newsec.com and we will direct you to the right person.

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